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You’re Doing it Wrong

A guide to getting there without the facts.

Rules are equally informative and directional as facts. This book is a bunch of rules. Your job in life is to embrace some while rejecting others. The balance of good and evil, brilliant and bogus, success and failure lie in the balance of your will to grow and accept evolution daily.

Research and Ideas about the Body, Mind and Soul.

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Over the next six months I am going to document my progressions in understanding how to both evaluate performance and record ones key performance indicators in a way which produces reliable results and directions. During this time I will be sending out an email monthly with updates on my progression and experiences. At at the end of 12 Months anyone who subscribes to the blog will receive a magazine with all of the 12 Months articles in it plus some useful charts, meal plans and substitutes for result oriented people!

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My Background

My background is in law (b.a) and philosophy (m.a.). I am interested in ideas surrounding how to evaluate metrics relative to a fixed performative act. I currently work as a marketer – specifically in UX, SEO, SEM and conversion optimization.

My Belief:
I strive daily to live with a relentless drive to thrive whilst improving my mind, body and soul.

My Commitment:
That anything I claim in my work is both backed up by personal experience and can be independently scientifically validated.
My Interest
Athletic, Emotional and Mental Performance

My Angle

Every craving is an indication of a deficiency or need in the body which is not being met. Specifically I claim that the  body’s systems often fail to perform properly because of deficiencies. This is likewise true of mental and emotional performance. The only way to properly asses yourself is to track. More specifically I argue that the skills and resources have been available for this kind of self testing for years and in fact can be achieved without reference to this tools. Once could conceivably transform ones physical, emotional and mental performance by just being excellent at tracking. I am inspired by thinkers such as Tim Farris and Simon Sinek. I feel like self reporting has been horribly tarnished by the public because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the science and the scientific method. I believe achieving real results can only come as the result of both a change in ones belief structures and ones motivation structure.



David Bussell

David Bussell

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 I will take you on my personal journey to answer questions like:

How do you test to see if you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies

What are the key nutritional things that I need to pay attention to?

Can my nutrition really change my life?

How do you know if you are dehydrated?

Is water the best form of hydration?

How is stress related to performance?

What are the best testing devices and performance indicators for mental and physical fitness

How do you evaluate a diet?

How do you evaluate a practice?

How do you get the most out of going to the gym?

Are supplements useful and safe?

Is received wisdom on sports and nutrition trustworthy?

What are the chances that I don’t have something wrong with me that could improved in some dramatic way with the right kind of attention?

What is the best way of judging how much to eat for your ideal body

How do you find out what you dream body is?

What is the most efficient way to get in shape?

How do you develop an equipment strategy?

What is the best way to use phones to track performance?

What is the best way to evaluate a stretching and/or breathing exercise?

What injuries should one avoid at all costs?

What are the advantages of having a spiritual life?

How do I become more spiritual?

What are the best meditation practices?