“I remember when Steve was my neighbor in Woodside, Calif., and he had no furniture. It struck me that there wasn’t furniture good enough for Steve in the world. He’d rather have nothing if he couldn’t have perfection.”

”And I jokingly said, “The difference between me and Steve is that I’m willing to live with the best the world can provide. With Steve that’s not always good enough.” And if you look at how he tackles building a phone, or building a laptop, he really is in pursuit of this technical and aesthetic perfection. And he just won’t compromise.”

Outcome oriented thinking.

The other side of it.

I firmly believe that true freedom is to freely decide to stop consuming and start sharing with others. The world does not need your emotions – it needs your hands and your feet, your dollars and your hearts, your last months rent, and your last goodbye. We will take all we can get and still be given to the past like sand into the wind. Forgotten the very moment we are no longer seen.

History is the most myopic of arts. Under its guise you have a shed of a chance to matter but only through others.

The only consolation is to know you are taking everything you can get and giving away your time for nothing so that you can eventually get enough balls to respect yourself and time.

Aware that life is more than a single song its time to accept that your past moves have just not kept up with the world. Don’t live in your past – find your future and celebrate the restlessness that drives you!